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HyperChains and Privacy Layer

This page gives a brief introduction to Hyperchains
Hyperchains are hyper-scalable, interoperable, custom zk-chains that operate on Layer-1 or Layer-2 networks while maintaining a crucial connection to the main chain (L1) for security and finality. Hyperchains is a ZK version of OP Stacks' Superchains, developed using the ZkStack.
The hyperchains can be strategically designed as Layer-3 dApps, offering unparalleled benefits such as infinite scalability, faster messaging between L1->L2->L3, and maintaining interoperability within the broader zkSync ecosystem.

Hyperchain integration in ZeroLend

  • ZeroLend is set to introduce a privacy layer using hyperchain (Layer 3) in early 2025, powered by zkStack. This approach will prioritize user-level privacy in ZeroLend.
  • With regulatory compliance and KYC checks, user transactions in ZeroLend will be shielded in Layer 3 - Powered by Aztec.

Decentralized Hyperchain Governed by $ZERO

$ZERO holders will govern the chain, earning transaction fees in return. This authority extends to both validators and provers. Moreover, $ZERO will operate as the native currency for the chain and also be used to pay for transaction fees.
Privacy chains will be launched in 2025. Powered by zkStack.