Milestone 0: Pre-mine of ZERO

This is the first phase of our roadmap, which is used to bootstrap liquidity for the protocol.

Milestone 1: Launch of veTokenomics

Once the ZERO token is live and trading, we introduce veTokenomics and decentralize the incentive mechanics for it across various chains.

This is inline with our philosophy of minimal governance and decentralizing the token use case at scale.

Milestone 2: Introduction of isolated immutable markets

To scale the protocol across multiple markets, the team intends to introduce isolated immutable markets. Isolated immutable markets work similarly to Morpho blue and have the benefit of not impacting the lending pools when operating at scale.

Milestone 3: Work on vaults and curate with risk managers

Once our isolated markets are live, we introduce vaults. This allows users to access more yield and strategies through simple one-click vaults. Vaults can further be curated with risk managers so that risk parameters can continuously be updated individually.

One could imagine sub-DAOs in the future that actively manage risk and create their own managed vaults.

Milestone 4: Work on scaling markets across any EVM chain and scale listings of any assets

In this phase, we will provide guidelines and open up the markets to allow users to rapidly scale up markets on ZeroLend.

Using a whitelisted factory contract, anyone can create a deployment on any chain or have any asset listed on the UI.

Milestone 1-4: Work on UI redesign

Once the protocol is live, we look to rebuild the UI to better facilitate all the unique aspects of ZeroLend that make it different from other lending protocols.

This includes integrating points directly within the UI, allowing multiple chains to be properly integrated, etc.

The development of the UI happens simultaneously with the rest of the milestones

Final Milestone: Open-source everything

At the final stage, we aim to open source every aspect of the protocol and leave it completely decentralized. Our decentralization roadmap further details this.


While the team is actively growing and working on delivering the various roadmaps, timelines cannot be promised.

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