Lending and Borrowing

This page talks in detail about ZeroLend’s lending protocol.

How does lending work in TradFi?

TradFi loans are not inclusive and permissionless, as intermediaries like banks and credit agencies manage user data and dictate loan terms. Unlike DeFi, where you can get a loan within a few seconds, securing a massive loan in traditional banking involves lengthy approval processes.

How is ZeroLend different from TradFi lending?

ZeroLend introduces a permissionless lending protocol where users can lend/borrow in a trustless manner regardless of their financial or geographical background.

With ZeroLend, you can connect your wallet, deposit the required collateral, and instantly get the loan amount in your wallet. We don’t have lengthy paperwork or take weeks to approve loans selectively.

Unlike traditional banking, you earn incentives to supply and borrow crypto assets on ZeroLend. Our users get competitive supply and borrow APY, ecosystem points, and points from our partner projects.

Leverage market opportunities with DeFi loans on ZeroLend

DeFi is an opportunity-cost market, which makes it important to use your capital efficiently. With DeFi loans, you can leverage to hold multiple tokens against the same collateral. Let's understand this with an example. Suppose you're an $ETH investor who believes in the long-term potential of ETH-based tokens. Instead of holding $ETH in your wallet, you can deposit it as collateral on ZeroLend and borrow $USDT to buy other tokens in the $ETH ecosystem. Of course, all of this comes with the added risk of leverage. However, if you manage your positions well, you can combat this risk and multiply your yields.

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