Guidebook: Farm on Linea Market

  1. Set Up Your Wallet

    Download and install a crypto wallet (e.g., MetaMask). Alternatively, create or import a wallet.

  2. Connect to Linea

    • Go to the Linea Market on the ZeroLend website or click here.

    • Connect your wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet".

    • Select your wallet provider (e.g., MetaMask) and approve the connection.

  3. Deposit Assets

    • Ensure you have sufficient assets (e.g., ETH, stablecoins) in your wallet.

    • Select the asset you want to deposit.

    • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

    • Approve the transaction in your wallet.

  4. Choose a Farm

    • Explore available farms on the Linea Market.

    • Compare yields and other metrics.

    • Select the farm that fits your strategy.

Tips for Maximizing Yields

  • Diversify your assets across multiple farms to reduce risk.

  • Stay informed about market trends.

  • Reinvest rewards to compound gains.

  • Monitor gas fees and optimize transaction timings.


  • Wallet connection problems: Ensure your wallet is connected and has enough funds for gas fees.

  • Transaction failures: Double-check amounts and try again.

  • Low yield: Switch to a different farm with higher returns.


Additional Resources

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