Ve-tokenomics is a pivotal component of ZeroLend's economic structure. It is designed to reward long-term investment and active participation in governance. At its core, it involves participants staking $ZERO tokens for a predetermined duration and receiving vote-escrowed (ve) tokens in return. These ve-tokens not only signify the user's stake but also escalate their benefits proportionally to the lock period.

The longer participants commit their tokens, the higher their rewards and influence in governance decisions.

Why Ve-Tokenomics?

  • Ve-tokenomics aligns user incentives with ZeroLend's long-term goals.

  • By locking $ZERO tokens, the effective circulating supply decreases, which can potentially enhance the token's value over time.

  • Committed users receive a stronger voice in platform governance.

With this model, we aim to foster a community of engaged stakeholders, contributing to the stability and growth of ZeroLend.

Ve-Tokenomics Model

Zerolend introduces a unique ve-model that incorporates both:

  1. Single Stake $ZERO

  2. dLP $ZERO

This dual approach enables users to engage with the platform through direct token staking or by participating in dynamic liquidity provision.

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