Chapter 1: Ignition πŸ”₯

This page consists overview of Chapter 1: Ignition

Duration: Is now live - 6th May, 2024

Objective: The primary goal for this chapter is to bootstrap ZeroLend's TVL, establishing a strong liquidity foundation for ZeroLend.

Token Distribution

  • Airdrop Allocation: 5% of the total $ZERO supply, equivalent to 5 billion tokens, is earmarked for distribution during this chapter.

  • Distribution Platform: Participants can access and engage with the platform -

Strategic Importance of Ignition: Ignition is designed to "fuel" the growth trajectory of ZeroLend. This initial phase of the voyage has the highest reward pool, specifically targeting early adopters. The aim is to incentivize these participants to contribute significantly to bootstrapping the protocol’s liquidity, vital for its scalability and success.

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