Chapter 2: LiftOff πŸš€

This page consists overview of Chapter 2

Duration: The specific start and end dates for the LiftOff chapter are yet to be announced.

Token Distribution

  • Airdrop Allocation: 3% of the total $ZERO supply, totaling 3 billion tokens, is set aside for this chapter.

  • Participant Eligibility: All users who engage with ZeroLend during the LiftOff chapter are eligible to receive $ZERO tokens from the designated pool. All users who engaged with ZeroLend during the Ignition chapter will receive a boost in their points.

Strategic Importance of LiftOff

The LiftOff chapter is aptly named to signify the progression of ZeroLend’s journey post-Token Generation Event (TGE), aiming to escalate its market position and operational influence. This phase is crucial as it symbolizes the transition from the foundational establishment to aggressive market penetration and growth.

More details about how Chapter 2 will launch will be revealed soon.

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