Supply Assets

This page discusses how you can supply assets on ZeroLend.

ZeroLend’s lending and borrowing are currently live on Ethereum, Linea, Blast, zkSync, and Manta Network (this is an evolving list).

For this tutorial, we will deposit $ETH on our Linea Market.

Please note that depositing assets across all our markets will follow a similar process.

By supplying assets on ZeroLend, you will earn a competitive supply APY, Zero Gravity points, and points from our partner projects, if any. You can also borrow our supported assets against your deposited collateral.

Here’s how to deposit/supply assets on ZeroLend:

Step 1: Select your preferred ZeroLend Market

  1. Go to and select your preferred market from the dropdown menu. For this tutorial, we have selected 'Linea.'

  1. Once you select a market, connect your wallet using the ‘Connect wallet’ option at the top right of your ZeroLend homepage.

Ensure you have switched to the appropriate chain on your wallet before connecting to ZeroLend. For example, if you have selected the Linea Market, switch to the Linea mainnet on your wallet before connecting to ZeroLend.

Step 2: Select the asset you wish to deposit or supply

  1. Once you have connected your wallet, use the search bar to find the asset. Simply scroll down our supported asset list.

  2. After finding your preferred asset, click the ‘Details’ button to know the supply and borrow details.

  1. If you are satisfied with the supply terms, navigate to the ‘Your Info’ section on the right and click ‘Supply’ to proceed with the deposit.

Step 3: Enter the amount and complete the deposit

  1. Enter the amount of $ETH you wish to deposit and click on ‘Supply ETH’ to complete the transaction. Then, approve the deposit transaction in your wallet.

  1. Now, add the z0token to your wallet and close the deposit window.

  1. You have successfully deposited $ETH on ZeroLend’s Linea Market.

Go to your ZeroLend ‘Dashboard’ from the top navigation bar to check the assets you supply. On the ZeroLend dashboard, you will see all the details, including supplied assets, assets available to borrow, available rewards, etc.

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