Stake ZERO

Here you can stake ZERO for veZERO and enjoy staking benefits.

$ZERO stakers receive voting power, staking rewards, and potential future airdrops from other protocols based on their voting power.

Your veZERO or voting power is based on the number of tokens you stake and for the period you stake it.

You receive a staking bonus of 5-20% if you stake for longer than 1 year.

There are two ways you can stake:

  • Stake tokens

  • Stake vests

After staking, your active staking position will show as NFTs on the same page.

Stake your Tokens

If you have ZERO tokens in your wallet you can stake it through this section.

Here's the step-by-step guide on how you can stake your tokens

Step 1: Connect your wallet to

If you don't have ZERO tokens, you can buy them from a CEX or DEX like Lynex on Linea (CA:

Step 2: Go to the Stake page on the app

Step 3: Input the number of tokens you would like to stake.

Step 4: Click on Stake.

Step 5: Click on Approve ZERO.

Step 6: Confirm the transactions on your wallet

Stake your Vest

Vest holders can stake their vested tokens and enjoy staking benefits without having to wait for the vested tokens to become claimable.

Your vests will show on the Rewards tab. Here are the steps you need to take to stake your vest:

Step 1: Go to the rewards tab on

Step 2: If you have an active vest (tokens that are in vesting), they will show here:

Step 3: Click on Stake, and it will open a modal

Step 4: Click on Stake Vest.

Step 5: Confirm the transactions on your wallet.

Your Staking Positions

Your staking positions will be visible as NFTs here. You can withdraw your staked tokens after the lock period is over.

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