Token Distribution

This page talks about the $ZERO tokenomics.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of $ZERO token distribution:

Token Allocation


Private Sale

Early funding stage to kickstart the project. Crucial for development and initial partnerships.


Promotional tokens to drive adoption and reward the early supporters of ZeroLend.


Tokens added into a DEX liquidity on launch.


A significant portion to incentivize ongoing platform activity and user participation.


Treasury saved up by the protocol / DAO.


Allocation for the experts who guide the protocol's development and governance


Tokens held by the team.

Token Distribution

To ensure that $ZERO tokenomics is sustainable long-term, most of the $ZERO token inflation (from liquidity, treasury, private sale, etc.) will end within 1 year from the token launch.

The $ZERO emissions will be reduced by half every 12 months post 1 year of launch.

After 12 months from TGE, roughly 78% of the token supply will be in circulation. The remaining 22% will be released using exponential decay.

Detailed month-by-month distribution

For those who would like to examine precise numbers on how much ZERO will be added to circulation month by month, an Excel sheet (linked here) has been created, which digs deeper into the number of new tokens added.

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