Borrow Collateral

This page discusses how to borrow assets on ZeroLend.

ZeroLend’s lending and borrowing are currently live on Ethereum, Linea, Blast, zkSync, and Manta Network (this is an evolving list).

For this step-by-step guide, we will borrow $ETH on our Linea Market.

Please note that borrowing assets across all our supported markets will follow a similar process.

By depositing assets on ZeroLend, you will earn attractive borrow APY, Zero Gravity points, and points from our partner projects, if any.

You can borrow assets on ZeroLend in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Supply the required collateral

  1. If you haven’t supplied any assets on ZeroLend yet. Follow this guide and deposit any of our supported assets on ZeroLend.

  2. If collateralization is not enabled by default, enable it. To do so, visit the ZeroLend dashboard and enable the collateralization option for the asset you wish to pledge under the ‘Your supplies’ tab.

Step 2: Borrow your preferred asset

  1. Once you have connected your wallet on ZeroLend, go to your dashboard:

You will see the assets you can borrow under the ‘Assets to borrow’ section on the right.

  1. Select the asset you want to borrow and click ‘Details’ to check the borrow terms. For this tutorial, we have selected $ETH.

  2. Please carefully read all the borrowed info. If you agree with the terms, click ‘Borrow’ to borrow $ETH. We provide both $WETH and $ETH borrowing options. Select one before you click 'Borrow.'

Step 3: Enter the amount and confirm the loan

  1. Specify the $ETH amount you wish to borrow. Ensure the borrowed amount is significantly under your borrowing power based on your deposited collateral.

  2. Click ‘Borrow ETH’ and approve the transaction in your wallet to take the loan.

You have now successfully borrowed $ETH on ZeroLend.

To get a complete overview of your supplied and borrowed assets, navigate to ‘Dashboard’ from the top navigation bar. You will also see the available rewards on your ZeroLend dashboard.

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