Chapter 3: Boost ⚡

This page consists overview of Chapter 3

Duration: The specific dates for the Boost chapter are yet to be announced.

Token Distribution

  • Airdrop Allocation: 2% of the total $ZERO supply, amounting to 2 billion tokens, is allocated for this chapter.

  • Participant Eligibility: All users who engage with ZeroLend during the Boost chapter will be eligible to receive tokens from this pool. All users who engaged with ZeroLend during previous chapters will receive a boost in their points.

Strategic Importance of Boost

The Boost chapter represents the final phase in the "Zero to Zillion" voyage, tasked with the critical role of propelling ZeroLend to the forefront of the lending space. This chapter is essential as it aims to maximize the protocol’s visibility and dominance within the decentralized finance sector.

More details about how chapter 3 will launch will be revealed soon.

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