Token Utility

The ZeroLend ecosystem is designed to create value for token holders and stakers. Here are some of the utilities of the ZERO token.

  1. Staking: Ve-tokenomics is a pivotal component of ZeroLend's economic structure. Staking $ZERO tokens for a predetermined duration and receiving vote-escrowed (ve) tokens. Zerolend introduces a unique ve-model that incorporates both single token staking and dLP staking.

  2. Protocol Fees: $ZERO tokens can be used to pay fees on ZeroLend.

  3. Incentives: Users who add liquidity on ZeroLend, refer users to ZeroLend, or complete other tasks to grow the protocol will be rewarded using $ZERO tokens. All future potential airdrops the protocol receives will also be distributed back amongst token stakers.

  4. Integration with DeFi Ecosystem: $ZERO will be integrated with other DeFi platforms. This cross-platform integration enables users to use $ZERO as collateral for DeFi loans, yield farming, or leverage its utility across other DeFi use cases.

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