$earlyZERO is a non-transferrable ERC-20 token that can be redeemed for $ZERO in a 1:1 ratio after $ZERO TGE. From the total supply of 100 billion $ZERO tokens, 10%- 12% are reserved for distributing $earlyZERO rewards during the pre-token growth phase.

Liquidity providers and borrowers on ZeroLend receive $earlyZERO depending on the yield of the selected asset and the respective lending market.

For example, by supplying $ETH on ZeroLend’s Linea Market, users receive $earlyZERO tokens. Once the $ZERO token is live, earlyZERO will be 1:1 convertible with ZERO.

Please note that $ZERO redeemed using $earlyZERO may have a vesting period.

How to convert $earlyZERO to $ZERO?

ZeroLend features a dedicated ‘Rewards’ tab where users can check their accumulated $earlyZERO and Zero Gravity points.

Once $ZERO TGE is live on Linea on May 6, 2024, ZeroLend users can claim their $earlyZERO and Zero Gravity points by visiting ZeroLend’s Rewards page.

Users can claim their $earlyZERO tokens on Linea irrespective of the chains from which they earned those tokens.

For example, even if you earned $earlyZERO tokens by using ZeroLend’s zkSync Market, you can redeem them on Linea.

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