Secure-enclave and social logins

This page talks about how ZeroLend further simplifies onboarding through the utilization of social logins and biometrics.

ZeroLend aims to simplify user onboarding through the utilization of social logins and biometrics.

Social Logins

The primary objective of social logins in ZeroLend is to provide a user-friendly and self-custodial authentication mechanism. By linking a user's web2 identity to their on-chain account, we aim to lower the entry barriers for newcomers. This process eliminates the need for users to interact directly with private keys, offering a seamless onboarding experience.

With social logins, end-users can effortlessly authenticate through their preferred accounts, such as email, phone number, or social media. In just two clicks, users can generate a smart contract wallet within the ZeroLend ecosystem, eliminating the requirement to download specific applications or manage seed phrases.

We are working with Particle Network to integrate Social Login feature into our protocol. You can read more about Authentication Infra by Particle network here.


ZeroLend embraces biometric authentication, incorporating methods such as fingerprint recognition. This approach provides a secure and user-friendly means of verifying users' identities compared to traditional passwords and private keys. Users can easily authenticate transactions within the ZeroLend ecosystem using their biometric data.

Anytime you need to sign a transaction, you’ll just have to enter your biometrics and it’s done!

ZeroLend is set to implement secure enclave and social logins in 2024.

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