How ZeroLend enables gasless transactions with the help of zkSync's native paymaster integration?

What are Paymasters?

The Paymaster is a smart contract designed to facilitate and control the payment of gas fees for transactions on behalf of wallet owners/users. With Paymasters, developers can grant users the ability to transact at zero cost or to use the application's native ERC-20 token for payment.

For a comprehensive understanding of Paymasters and how they work, please refer to the zkSync documentation here.

How Does ZeroLend Use Paymasters?

ZeroLend harnesses the power of zkSync Paymasters in two key ways within its protocol:

  1. Sponsoring Gas Fees:

The zkSync Paymaster contract includes a method called validatePaymasterOp(UserOperation op), which ZeroLend utilizes to examine a user operation and determine whether the user's transaction is valid for us to cover the associated gas fees.

ZeroLend sponsors the gas fees for users with transactions above $5000.

  1. Pay gas fees using ERC-20 tokens:

ZeroLend enables users to pay gas fees in ETH and other supported tokens through the integration of Zyfi's paymaster API. After the user signs the transaction and selects an ERC-20 token to pay the gas fee, ZeroLend communicates with Zyfi's Paymaster API and executes transactions, covering ETH gas fees while utilizing ERC-20 tokens for the associated fees. In a practical example, if a user aims to lend $DAI but lacks ETH for gas fees, they can opt to cover fees using $DAI within the ZeroLend platform.

Currently, we support the following ERC-20 tokens that can be used as gas tokens:

  • $HOLD

  • $DAI

  • $USDC

  • $ONEZ

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