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Engagement for Potential Incentives

This section explains how users can actively interact with ZeroLend ecosystem for potential incentives.
ZeroLend is presently active on the zkSync chain. The more you engage with ZeroLend and the integrated protocols, the higher your chances of receiving incentives.

How can one engage with ZeroLend and the integrated ecosystems?

First and foremost, engage with the ZeroLend platform. Deposit funds onto the zkSync chain and, contribute liquidity to lending pools, and borrow assets. As an additional incentive, consider acquiring earlyZERO tokens.
We recommend using the same wallet you use to interact with other zkSync protocols. This ensures a cohesive on-chain activity with ZeroLend and enhances your overall engagement across zkSync.

Additional Protocols to Explore Alongside ZeroLend

ZeroLend has successfully integrated and collaborated with various protocols within our ecosystem. Noteworthy among these are LayerZero, Aave, Compound, Liquity, Radiant Capital, and others. We are committed to fostering a vibrant community and actively seek to incentivize users engaged in these protocols. While we do not have predefined criteria, we may consider factors such as active participation in activities like supplying, borrowing, or staking, especially within the ZeroLend ecosystem. Our aim is to recognize and reward those who contribute significantly to the success and growth of our interconnected network.