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How to mint the ONEZ Stablecoin?

This section explain how to mint the $ONEZ stablecoin

Step 1: Supply assets into the protocol

Visit the protocol dashboard at and provide liquidity by choosing any one of the assets from the Supply section
The supply screen

Step 2: Borrow ONEZ

Once you have supplied liquidity you will see on the borrow section that you have now have assets that you can borrow against. Specifically you will find that you can now borrow/mint the ONEZ stablecoin.
Click on the mint button to proceed minting the ONEZ stablecoin and voila! You are now the hodler of ONEZ!
The borrow page with the option to mint the ONEZ stablecoin

Step 3: (Optional) Enable E-mode

If you are supplying USDC to the protocol, there is the option to further create more price efficiency by enabling E-mode.
This lets you borrow ONEZ with upto 97% LTV worth of your USDC.
Enable the ONEZ E-mode by visiting the "E-mode button" on the Your borrows section and choose the ONEZ Stablecoin category. You can now borrow upto 97% worth of your USDC 💪