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Asset Listing Criteria

This page talks about the Security Assessment and SAFU practices
Our comprehensive security practices prioritize user fund safety. These practices encompass stringent farm requirements, meticulous vault testing, strategy upgrades, vigilant timelock monitoring, and a rapid-response panic mechanism. In every aspect, we put security at the forefront of our mission to protect our users and maintain a secure DeFi ecosystem.

A Foundation Built on Safety

Verified Contracts: Before any new farm can be vaulted on ZeroLend, it must meet strict safety standards. This includes the thorough verification of all smart contracts involved in the farm on blockchain explorers. Verifiability is our first line of defense against vulnerabilities.
Trustworthy Token Bridges: For non-native tokens, we only accept assets from reputable token bridges. We ensure that our users' assets come from trustworthy sources, minimizing risks.
Liquidity Assurance: Adequate liquidity is non-negotiable. Farms must possess sufficient liquidity to support the smooth swapping of farm token rewards, ensuring uninterrupted rewards for our users.
Rug-Free Environment: We are committed to rug prevention. Any rug or migrator functions must be entirely removed or locked for a sufficient duration, eliminating potential pitfalls.
Timelocked Emission Rates: For farms with token emissions, these rates must be timelocked, promoting long-term stability and security.
Circulating Supply Control: To enhance security and decentralization, farm token holders with more than 5% of the circulating supply must not be external accounts or multi-signature wallets.
Timelocked Proxy Changes: Any changes or upgrades to contract proxy implementations must undergo a timelock, ensuring changes are thoroughly vetted.

Rapid Response: The Panic Mechanism

Even with our rigorous precautions, unforeseen issues can arise. In such cases, rapid response is vital. ZeroLend's strategies are equipped with a panic mechanism. This mechanism allows a designated keeper to take immediate action, such as pausing a market or liquidating positions. This ensures that funds are always available for users to withdraw in emergencies.
Security is not just a feature; it's our foundation. ZeroLend is dedicated to maintaining a SAFU environment for all users. Our commitment to security-first practices is unwavering, safeguarding user funds and ensuring the integrity of our ecosystem.