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Phase 1 Launch

As part of the launch of ZeroLend, the developers are excited to share the launch of Phase 1 of ZeroLend, where we plan to launch the $ZERO token on zkSync.
During the launch phase, ZeroLend actively seeks out strategic partnerships within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The team engages with prominent DeFi projects, blockchain platforms, and liquidity providers to establish mutually beneficial collaborations. These partnerships can range from technical integrations to marketing initiatives, aimed at increasing liquidity, expanding the range of supported assets, and enhancing the overall user experience within the lending protocol.

$ZERO Airdrop for Users:

As part of the launch phase, ZeroLend introduces an exciting opportunity for users to receive a $ZERO token airdrop. Any user who interacts with the lending protocol during this phase, either by borrowing or lending, will be eligible to receive a predetermined amount of $ZERO tokens as a reward. This airdrop incentivizes early adoption and encourages users to explore the features and benefits of ZeroLend.
To be eligible for the airdrop you just need to provide liquidity to the protocol and start farming $earlyZERO.
Please feel free to visit and start interacting with the application.

About $earlyZERO Rewards

To allow farming before the TGE, users who provide liquidity can claim $earlyZERO, a non-transferrable ERC20 token that can be claimed by users from the farming portal before the TGE.
Users can convert the earned $earlyZERO to $ZERO after $ZERO TGE. Received $ZERO may have a vesting period.
  • Exchange Rate: 1 $earlyZERO = 1 $ZERO (1:1)
  • Total $ZERO supply: 100,000,000,000 $ZERO
  • Initial circulating market cap: 500,000$
  • Initial fully diluted market cap: 5,000,000$
An example of the APR given out in earlyZERO which can be sold for ZERO on TGE